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I had to backdoor to win because my allies sucked so bad... normally I don't backdoor but I kinda had to.  It was a public -arem.  All of my allies had 0 kills and at LEAST five deaths.  One of which had 15 deaths end game.  0/15.

I was 14/6 with them being fed like they were.  I feel bad for backdooring but hey, had to be done.
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To back door is basically to sneak into the base to win, rather than actually... you know, do it the normal way.
I say good on your for your success. Which hero did you use?

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lolz. I have love for teh Bane.
Agreed, bane is a good en.
Naga of course. Backdooring pro. Her ult is stupidly good for backdooring.
Shit really? I thought she was only good with crowd control. She hasn't got any good att+ or speed+ skills.
That's the thing. She doesn't need it. It's her ability to be defensive as FUCK that makes her good for backdooring.
Just thinking about the heros and all the skills just then, it's so overwhelming. I can't believe how successful that game is. Not a bad effort for a bunch of freebies team, it's something I keep going back to over the years.
Yeah, it's got replayability. It doesn't matter how horrid the graphics are... it's a great game because of well... the gameplay.
Lol where have you found such noobs.

And what about personally me, I would better accept defeat then cheat to win. But... if that was a championship and no one has mentioned... why not?
Backdooring is not cheating. Anything that's possible is allowed...